You may have noticed a number of young adults in blue uniforms walking around at the Rice County Fair. These young adults are part of the Minnesota State Law Enforcement Explorers. They are still in high school but through the program they can put on a uniform and  get some training. Then they can walk around the fair grounds in this case and interact with the public. I am sure if something serious was happening at the fair they quickly would have called for real law enforcement officers.

I took this picture just after the thunder storm Wednesday afternoon. We all got wet as did Sheriff Troy Dunn. Notice the Enforcement Explorers are dry. They said they were instructed by Sheriff Dunn to stay in their car where it was safe and dry until after the storm passed! This sounds like a great program. The Rice County Sheriff's department has extra personal at the Rice County Fair and they gain experience and see what it is like to be in law enforcement. However, why was Sheriff Dunn wet and they were still dry? Isn't that part of being in law enforcement too?

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