UNDATED -- The FBI continues to track the whereabouts of golf carts stolen from courses and dealerships in Minnesota and several other states.

Nathan Nelson with addresses in Mankato and Florida has been linked to the thefts. He was arrested earlier this month in Georgia.

The FBI's Kevin Smith in Minneapolis says anyone who may have purchased a stolen golf cart from Nelson, who also used the name Mason Weber, is asked to contact their nearest FBI office:

We are not going to be taking them. The FBI is not going to be taking the carts. Our role here is we are just photographing the fraudulent and legitimate serial numbers so that we can document that. And actually, the carts we've located so far go off, and are left for civil resolution as dealerships and golf courses have probably been made whole by their insurance company.

Smith says agents believe that Nelson stole at least 63 carts over the past four years, but there may be more.

The multi-state investigation started when the Cass County Sheriff's office in Fargo asked the FBI for help with their investigation into stolen golf carts.

This story courtesy of the Minnesota News Network.  

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