Faribault High School will have a seven period day but buses will continue to not provide service within two miles of the high school and Bethlehem Academy.  The first question concerning the 7 period day passed by 90 votes.  The busing question failed by 249 votes.  The voter turnout was very good with 4,624 people casting a ballot in an election that had just those questions on the ballot.

Faribault Public Schools first question for $221 additional dollars per pupil unit per year for 10 years to expand the high school schedule to a seven period day votes by polling place were:

  • Dean Curtis 4-H Building on Fairgrounds:  545 Yes,  627 No     -82 vote difference
  • Washington Center:  544 Yes,  481 No                                      +63 vote difference
  • Buckham Community Center:  682 Yes,  562 No                     +120 vote difference
  • Our Savior's Lutheran Church:  586 Yes, 597 No        ��             - 11 vote difference

Totals were 2,357 Yes, 2,267 No.

Question two asking for $115 dollars per pupil unit per year over 10 years to reduce the radius for bus service for Faribault High School and Bethlehem Academy students to 1 mile from the present 2 miles votes by polling place were:

  • Dean Curtis 4-H Building on Farigrounds:  521 Yes, 652 No       -131 difference
  • Washington Center:  505 Yes, 519 No                                         -14   difference
  • Buckham Community Center:  616 Yes, 626 No                          -10   difference
  • Our Savior's Lutheran Church:  545 Yes, 639 No                         -99   difference

Totals were 2,187 Yes, 2,436 No.

Faribault Public Schools Superitendent Todd Sesker told KDHL/POWER 96 the board and supporters were "elated" with the passage of the first question and while they were disappointed the second question failed they will "thank the community for their support on the seven period day issue" and move on.

The Kenyon-Wanamingo School District had two levy questions on today's election ballot and both were defeated.  Superintendent Jeff Pesta says the first question for replacement of the current $268 operating referendum with $460 per pupil per year for 5 years failed.  515 no votes were casts and 378 yes votes.

Question 2 asked for $300 per pupil unit per year for five years.  It also went down to defeat with 551 people saying no and 342 yes at the ballot box.

Triton requested $750 per pupil unit per year for 10 years and it passed with 818 yes votes cast and 568 no votes.

Superintendent Craig Schlichting told KDHL the turnout of 1338 total votes cast was excellent.  Schlichting added the money will be used for district expenses because, "The state funding has not kept up with inflation and it's either raise funds locally or make cuts."

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