There was a huge exhibit hall at the National FFA Convention that had more than 400 exhibitors in it called the Expo. There were all kinds of business, colleges and different branches of the military there wanting to talk with FFA members. This class nine black combine in the AGCO display drew a lot of attention, especially because FFA members could climb up on it and have their picture taken. It was actually a Fendt combine. I was confused because when you say AGCO, I think of the silver Gleaner combines?

So what is a Fendt combine doing in the AGCO booth instead of a Gleaner?  I had heard of Fendt tractors that are popular in Europe. This Fendt combine is also from Europe. AGCO is now marketing the Fendt combine in the United States. Some AGCO dealers will only sell and service Gleaner Combines. Certain dealers will sell and service Fendt combines too!

Just to give you an idea of how big this combine is, the grain tank holds a little under 500 bushel. It can be unloaded at the rate of 6 bushels a second. That means all 500 bushels can be unloaded in less than two minutes! It will take a lot semi's to haul the grain from this combine!