Do you know how to drive in winter-weather? We could be getting a bunch of snow tonight. The forecast says 2-4 inches, enough to make the roads slippery. Then just sunny and 25 tomorrow. It's early in the week yet, you may be here for Mayo and not know much about winter driving. Or you just moved here and so don't know. No big whoop. This is for you.

This is also for the thousands of Minnesotans and Iowans inexplicably forgetting how to drive in snow. It's not like the snow just went away in June or anything. LOL.

woman cleaning window of car from the snow with scraper
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The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office and I had a conversation about safe driving tips, you can see it in the video above.And, the OCS also posted these great tips on their Facebook page. Just the basics. 

  • Snowing? Headlights on.
  • Leave early. Slow down. Be Patient.
  • Increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Clear snow off your entire vehicle.
  • Give Snow plows extra room.
  • Turn off your cruise control.

I'd also like to share some of my favorite Winter Driving Hacks. They could also be called James Rabe's Top Three Hard Learned Winter Lessons. The first is about how to walk when it is snowy and slippery.

The Penguin Walk Have you ever seen a penguin walk? They almost never fall down on ice. So, walk like them. Click the video for a refresher. Take tiny waddling kinda steps. You can flap your arms if you want, but that won't help. You're flightless, too.

See the rest of the hacks by clicking HERE.

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