After the snow has settled and the snow emergencies have ended we often look back on moments during the storm or right after and wonder how did we drive in that, or it may be that we simply feel fortunate that we didn't have to risk driving during the bad weather. Some folks that simply don't have that option are tow truck operators and the staff that keeps them running. One St. Cloud-based tow truck company took to social media to pull the curtain back on what it takes to run the business when mother nature doesn't want to help out.

Just a couple of the 1000’s of tows and jobs our team did this week.
It has been a long and chaotic week.
People don’t understand what we go through some weeks or busy times.
Some of our guys worked a couple of days straight with little to no sleep.
Away from families, missing events, not sleeping in their own beds, etc
I am beyond proud of our entire team.
Our call takers being beat up and verbally abused by rude customers and ungrateful people. People that think we are government owned and need to work for free or work whenever they call. They get treated like dirt. They are our rock! They do the best they can in the situation they’re in. None stop all week we had 13-16 call takers taking calls.
Dispatchers working long days and nights.
It takes a TEAM to do what we do.

The post from Collins Brothers Towing of St. Cloud has been shared numerous times since it was posted yesterday.

The post made me feel compassion for the people answering the calls of desperate, angry, and scared drivers who have ended up in a ditch, maybe their vehicle was hit, or they simply needed a jump start.

Often times I think we take for granted the short drive to of from work, good tires on our vehicles, or simply not needing to go out when the weather is bad.

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Take a moment today, or this weekend and say thanks to a tow truck driver, give them a friendly honk of the horn or a simple smile and a wave. They are out there on the road helping us, so let's remember to say thanks, and of course, give them plenty of room to work.

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