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It hasn't snowed for a few days now, the weather has been relatively boring (which I like this time of year), and the roads are looking pretty normal. That's where we can get in trouble. The roads may look fine, but during the winter we need to be cautious. That's what the Minnesota State Patrol warns us in a recent alarming video.

On Monday morning in Thief River Falls, a trooper happened to be in the right place at the right time. While they were driving around a car driving from the other direction lost control of their car slid right in front of the trooper and into the ditch. And the roads appeared to be perfectly fine! But obviously they were pretty slick.

Thankfully the trooper was able to dodge the vehicle and avoid getting hit. They then turned around and went to make sure the driver was ok, which they were, the driver suffered no injuries.

The Minnesota State Patrol shared the video on their Facebook page as a reminder to everyone that even though the roads may appear fine, you should still be careful on winter roads all the time.

You can watch the video below:


Speaking of winter, did you know that we can experience thunder and lightning during a snowstorm? It's called thundersnow. Check out more about that and other bizarre weather facts below.

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