Faribault Fire Captain Joel Hanson was driving to work today when he noticed something only a firefighter would probably notice.   A number of hydrants were buried under all the snow we experienced earlier this week.

I confessed to Joel that I do try to dig out the hydrant in my neighborhood but did not get to it when digging out my home and assisting with neighbors with their mountains of snow.

Hanson says all the trucks are equipped with shovels but citizens can really help if they check on the hydrant  in their neighborhood.

I stopped by the Fire Hall to visit with Captain Hanson and he checked with the water works department and found out there are 973 hydrants in the City of Faribault alone.

Add in the private hydrants and the total is 1,094.

The Faribault Fire Department also serves Walcott, Cannon City, Wells townships and half of Warsaw Township.

Hanson points out if you average just 10 minutes to shovel a hydrant then it would literally take days for firefighters to complete the task.

So on behalf of the Faribault Fire Department please check the hydrants in your neighborhood.

Faribault Hydrant. Guess where this hydrant is. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld