Greg Gellhorn has done a lot. He's been a great husband to his wife Amy and a great father to two kids, Sam and Sydney. He ran the 2016 Twin Cities Marathon. After that marathon though things were not quite right. And he loved to play basketball. Suddenly he found he could not jump. Last May, they found out that Greg had ALS. With this disease, the body starts to shut itself down, but the brain stays alert.

According to KARE, he was given two to 5 years to live. But that has all suddenly changed. Now the doctors say months to weeks. Derek Fessler, Greg's brother in law wants to help Greg talk about his life.

He is spending time talking to Greg about the things he has done in his life. It's going to be around 7 hours of tape to leave as a gift for the family.

Steve Gleason the former New Orleans Saints player who is also dealing with this horrible disease gave Greg another great gift. After a number of family and friends gathered at the Gelhorn's home, Derek played a tape of Gleason. Gleason's now electronic voice due to his disease said that they would like to send Greg and his family to the Super Bowl. They got 4 tickets to the game and VIP passes to be on the field, during the pre-game.

After all of the hassles the Vikings fans experienced in Philadelphia, this is a great story of caring and kindness and love.

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