If you have been to U.S Bank Stadium or Target Field, you have noticed that their concession prices are expensive. To take the family to a ball game, it could cost a couple hundred dollars. Why wouldn't stadiums lower prices?

Mercedes-Benz Stadium decided to give the fans fair prices at Atlanta Falcons and United games. The numbers that came away from the first season in the new stadium are pretty interesting.

Fans spent 16% more food and drinks with the cheaper prices, a pretty fascinating point, as you see Darren Rovell said via Twitter.

I was lucky enough to go to three Vikings game this year, and each time I had a couple of beers. Each time I bought one I couldn't believe I spent $17.50 on two beers. I can get a case for that. It is extremely frustrating. Frankly, if they were $5 for a beer, I would spend $20 easily. Toss on a $2 hot dog instead of $6 and and me and my guest would be eating lunch at the stadium for sure.

I know that U.S Bank and Target Field are in it to make money, but a 16% profit increase can't be that bad? Obviously they would spend more on product, and I am not sure if that goes into the 16% increase.

Either way, it is something that EVERY stadium should look at. This is great news for families that want to go to the ball game together.

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