Hint: A lot of them are basically lakes and farms.Have you ever driven between Rochester and Minneapolis and at some points I thought, "Wow! There's really not much in Minnesota." If you have, you're almost kind of ...right. I've had this same thought too everytime I drive to the Cities.


So, I decided to do some research and see just where the smallest towns in Minnesota really are. You might be surprised. Here's the list based on population (according to the 2010 census). There are quite a few ties here too!

  1. Funkley, MN. Population: 5. It's in Beltrami County.
  2. The Ranch, MN. Population: 9. Wikipedia says it's a, "census-designated place in La Garde Township, Mahnomen County, Minnesota" and I thought it was strange I hadn't heard of it.
  3. Midway and Barry, MN. This one is a tie. Population for both (respectively): 11. You'll find Barry very close to the South Dakota border. Midway is just 28 miles east of Detroit Lakes.
  4. Roy Lake, MN. Population: 12. You'll find it right on the White Earth Reservation, in Clearwater and Mahnomen counties.
  5. Kinbrae, MN. Population: 13. Nestled in Nobles County, this is the third smallest "city" in Minnesota.
  6. South End, MN. Population: 25. It's in Clearwater County.
  7. Johnson, MN. Population: 29. It's so close to South Dakota that it can smell the bison.
  8. Regal and Denham, MN. A tie! Population for both (respectively): 35. Denham isn't far from Wisconsin. Regal is central Minnesota.
  9. Angle Inlet, MN. Population: 60. It's basically Canada.
  10. Ronneby and Correll, MN. Another tie! Population for both (respectively): 67. Ronneby isn't too far from Minneapolis. Correll is not far from the South Dakota border.

In general, I learned that the further west in Minnesota you go - the smaller the cities and towns get! Did this information surprise you too?

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