A few years ago the people who originally started the Faribault Community Thanksgiving Day Dinner decided to move.  Julie Fox was one of the people who stepped up and said she would help organize the event.  Fox will be a guest on today's KDHL AM Minnesota program at 9:30 a.m.

Fox has told her story each year about why she decided to come forward.  She has said the event surpasses Christmas for her.  "It's awesome to see all the volunteers just show up each year."

There are no organized sign up sheets.  This event is based on faith.  Seems appropriate for Thanksgiving doesn't it?  Faith that people will show up to prepare the meal.  Faith that volunteers will wait on tables.  Faith that people will go to the Faribault American Legion to enjoy a meal.  Faith that meals will be delivered to people throughout the community.

This year marks 35 years of the event which was started by Mel and Jerry Hlady at the McNamara's Pub and Grill in downtown Faribault (Currently Boxers).

I started volunteering a year after a snowstorm prevented me from going to Spring Valley on Thanksgiving to enjoy Mom's cooking and Dad's needling.

I went to McNamara's that year and enjoyed a sit down meal.  A lady waited on my table very professionally.  The experience truly warmed my heart.  That was around 1991 I believe.

That's why I decided to volunteer to peel potatoes the day before Thanksgiving.  For many years I would then go to Spring Valley on Thanksgiving Day.

After Dad passed and Mom moved to Faribault in her later years I started delivering meals.  That's been over a decade now.

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