The Faribault City Council conducted about a 20 minute meeting this evening culminatng with a Certificate of Recognition for outgoing Council Member Elizabeth Cap.

Mayor Kevin Voracek read the certificate given in recognition of Elizabeth Cap, "for her dedicated service to the City of Faribault, it's residents, and area businesses.  Elizabeth has served on the Faribault City Council from January 10, 2017 through January 4, 2021, bringing forth valuable experience and knowledge from her public service.

The certificate goes on to read, "On behalf of the Mayor and City Council and fellow City employees, we wish to recognize and thank Elizabeth for her public service and wish her the very best.  We also extend our thanks and appreciation to Elizabeth's family for their support of Elizabeth and her dedicated service to the city of Faribault."

Cap responded, " I wasn't expecting that but I do greatly appreciate it.  It's been quite a journey. There's been all kinds of exciting things that have happened over the last few years.  It's really a blessing and an honor to be a part of the progress and I wish all of you the best success in the next four years. I'm excited that people are still running for council and we had so many candidates that ran this year.  I hope there's a continued interest of individuals to get involved in city council as well as serving on other boards."

She concluded, "Thank you Mayor and thank you administration and all the staff for recognizing me for my time here on the council.  I hope everybody has a great future."


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