If you were like me and missed out on seeing the 'Christmas Star' last night, not to worry we've got you covered thanks to our new friend photographer Greg Hogan! Greg got some awesome shots of Jupiter and Saturn last night and took them at different exposures to really highlight the majesty and wonder of the moment. He has even made some of his photos from last night free to download, his gift to you this holiday season. (But any donation to his cause would be appreciated.) Let's check it out!

How cool at these photos he took! You can see the rings on Saturn! Plus the moons of Jupiter are visible in the photos as well.

Personally, I enjoyed seeing the long exposure photo he took, giving off the shimmering effect of a star.

If you missed out on what I am talking about what happened last night, and for the most part will still be visible in clear skies tonight and for the next week or two will be Saturn and Jupiter appearing to be so close to one another. EarthSky.org goes further into detail about the two planets appearing so close, and why or why not it could also be what the Bible called the Star of Bethlehem.

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Skywatchers have January 2021 to look forward to, as on the 10th, as EarthSky.org says "January starts out the month with two bright planets at dusk, Jupiter and Saturn, which then team up with Mercury to showcase a spectacularly-close threesome at dusk January 10."

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