Faribault Mayor and the Chair of the Faribault Blue Collar Festival Committee Kevin Voracek and Faribault Area Chamber President/CEO North Johnson sent a letter to supporters today saying there will be no festival this year.

They state in the letter:

"When we were planning for our 13th Annual Festival in 2020, never did we imagine the kind of roadblocks that we have run into.  We were steadfast in our thinking and planning for a bigger year than last, as we always try.  We were hoping that we would come out of this pandemic right before the festival."

The letter goes on to say he was looking forward to people have a great time celebrating with friends and neighbors.  "Well, due to our best efforts, that is not going to happen." The letter states.

The Mayor and Committee Chair, Chamber head point out currently the state is looking at a possible statewide mask ordinance.  "Meaning things are not getting better.  Along with that, the Federal Government has not passed a resolution to allow organizers harmless from COVID lawsuits.  This means that we cannot get insurance for the festival.  At this current time, we are only allowed 250 people at the same event.  You have seen the draw, not going to happen, and physical distancing would be tough.  The State has not approved a liquor license for our event either."

They conclude, "As you can see the cards are stacked against us.  We regret to inform you that the 2020 Faribault Blue Collar Festival will not happen this year.  We thank you for your support in past years, and in the future.  We intend to come back next year.  We feel this is a fun, energetic and musically charged time for Downtown Faribault, and would hate to see it go."

"We might call it the 14th (Blue Collar) Festival next year and get the superstitions out of the way."

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