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Burger King has quietly added Mini Shakes to their menus at select locations across the country. One benefit is it's a lower calorie option than the traditional milkshakes they sell. But the big draw is that these little guys only cost $1!

USA Today reports the host of YouTube channel Peep THIS Out! discovered these Mini Shakes on a Burger King menu on July 4th. On the calorie side of the things, if you are interested in that, the YouTuber says that the regular-size chocolate milkshake from Burger King is 761 calories. But the 9-ounce Mini Shake is 370 calories.

The first Tweet from Burger King talking about these Mini Shakes wasn't until July 5th, and even that was vague. They didn't specifically address the shakes until July 6th.

Delish says that these Mini Shakes can be purchased in any of the three flavors that they offer in regular size: vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. However, these Mini Shakes will only be around for a limited time according to Burger King's banner on their Twitter page.

I wasn't able to find an exact list of which Burger King locations near us have the Mini Shakes available but every Southern Minnesota location I checked (which was a handful) has them available to order online!

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