Brian Thalman is a corn grower from Plato and immediate past President of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association. Brian was my guest on today's AM Minnesota Program. I called Brian and asked if he could come on the program and explain more about Minnesota's Clean Car Standards that are in the process of being developed. It is getting some attention in the Media but most farmers, including myself don't know much about it!

From a farmer and the Minnesota Corn Growers point of view we think ethanol can continue to play a major role in cleaner air not just in Minnesota but in the entire United States. Remember in the early days of ethanol California did not want to use it. Brian said during the program they had a conference call with a major distributor in California that was importing a lot of E85 ethanol from the Midwest.

Given the environmental restrictions and taxes on gasoline in California E85 ethanol has an 80 cent a gallon advantage in California.  Click on the links above and listen to today's AM Minnesota program.

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