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There are all kinds of interesting stories from across the country and from right here in Minnesota. Last week we talked about the Minnesota Dog-Man that people have claimed to have seen in Northern Minnesota. But have you heard of the legend of the Kensington Runestone? No one really knows what is going on with this runestone. No one knows where it came from or if it is even real!

The Kensington Runestone was discovered in 1898 by Olof Ohman. Olof claimed to have discovered it on his farm in Alexandria, MN. You can actually visit his farmland which is now called Kensington Park.

The first story was that the runestone was "left behind by early Viking explorers", according to Only in Your State, back in the 1300s. But after studies were done on the runestone many believe that it was all a hoax. Still to this day, no one really knows what's up with this stone, if it's real, fake, or anything! And if it is fake, why did Olof make this fake stone? Did he think it would get him fame of some sort? I guess it did if that was his goal, here we are talking about him all these years later!

You can see the Kensington Runestone and more about the history of the area at the Runestone Museum up in Alexandria. Kensington Park isn't too far from the museum.

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