Sunday into Monday was quite the weather adventure for parts of Minnesota. Strong winds and rain buffeted portions of the entire state, hail was reported from the Iron Range to the Driftless region of SE Minnesota. Some of the largest hail fell around Northfield, SE of Prior Lake, and between Minnetonka and Edina in the metro area. The sheer size of the hail that fell was unbelievable. Here are some of the biggest pieces of hail and where they landed Sunday into Monday.

Based on the sizes in the Tweet above those pink areas had hail estimates from 2-3" in diameter.

You can see from the Tweet from the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities the areas that saw the largest hail. A map of severe weather reports from the last 72 hours shows a large portion of the state was affected by the weather. New Richland saw reports of 1.25" - 1.75" hail being reported, someone in Northfield reported 1" hail, a report from Loretto, MN claimed 2.5" hail falling around midnight Monday morning.

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Image Credit: National Weather Service

Here are some of the pictures of hail that were tweeted to the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities after the storms moved through.  



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