The Faribault Public School Board held a special meeting tonight following a work session that resulted in a unanimous vote.  The vote was to implement Scenario 2 as the base learning model in the Faribault Public Schools when the 2020-21 school year starts.

Superintendent Sesker made it clear the vote only states the District's intent at this time and the official announcement will be made August 17th for opening day this fall.

Scenario 2 is, "A hybrid of distance learning and some in-person learning with strict social distancing and capacity limits."

The Faribault Public School District formed a COVID-19 Task Force to develop the proposed plan which calls for Pre-K through 6th graders to be in school every day.  Classes would be 12 to 14 students so social distancing can be practiced.  Pre K-Grade 5 students would attend McKinley or their elementary school, large common areas like media centers and gymnasiums could be converted to classroom spaces if needed.

Grade 6 students district wide would attend Faribault Middle School.  An iPad will be provided to all students K-12.

Grades 7-12 students and Alternative Learning Center (ALC) students will attend school two days each week after being split into two groups.

Faribault Middle School and FHS Group A will be in person Monday and Tuesday, distance learning the remaining days.  Group B is in school Thursday and Friday with distance learning provided also.

Wednesdays would be distance learning days for all Faribault Middle School (7-8) and FHS students (except center-based), with time for individual student interventions, enrichment, planning for instruction and deep cleaning the building, in addition to daily cleaning.

Classrooms would be set up to provide social distancing and reduced to approximately 12-18 students at the middle school, 15-21 students at the high school depending on the size of the class and space available.

A full-time distance learning option is available for students in all grades.

School Board President Chad Wolff told the board it was important for them to give the administration the power to make any changes to the plan if necessary.  "I think one of the big things with this as we move forward and we certainly know there will be COVID-19 cases is this will give Mr. Sesker and the administration the authority and the power to make quick decisions when necessary."

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