It wasn't messin' with sasquatch, more like sasquatch messin' with you. A North Carolina man and bigfoot hunter claims to have captured cell phone video of a 'squatch, well he claims three after one of them threw a rock in his general direction recently. You be the judge. 

WCNC in Charlotte North Carolina did a report on the man and his sighting/experience with what they wrote were "bigfoots".

So what do you think was that a 'squatch? To me, it kind of looked like a shrub, maybe a stump and a bird. Maybe you see something different in the above video. Doug Teague certainly thought so.

Bigfoot and Minnesota go hand in hand almost as much as Paul Bunyan and Babe do. Tiny Remer, MN has a town festival named after the woods-dwelling creature. Radio station WTIP a North Shore community radio station recently sat down with the Great Lakes Sasquatch group in August to talk about a fur find in the Northern woods that they believe may be related to a sasquatch.

More importantly, Minnesotans love jerky and have taken to the sasquatch branded Jack Links. They have embraced the creature as the brand's mascot in several TV commercials.

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