I have been looking into ways to cut costs for my household, from using coupons on my groceries to making my own laundry detergent. Anything to save some money is a good thing in my book. So, with the end goal of actually having a budget that I can work with, I started looking into what do we need, vs. what do we want?

The biggest expense that I can cut, after groceries, is the cable bill. With so many different services that stream shows and movies, there is an option for just about anyone. Here are some of the better-known options:

  1. Hulu-a streaming service that currently offers a 30-day free intro to new customers. This service has current and older shows and movies. There is a fee if you want to stream without commercials, but, there aren't that many, not compared to live TV.
  2. Netflix-a streaming service that also currently offers a 30-day free intro to new customers. This one does not have commercials during the shows so you can binge all you want without interruption.
  3. VUDU-yet another streaming service, this is one is free to use. You enter your digital codes to movies that you own, and they are saved to stream. You can also share your library with others, which means even more movies. You can also purchase digital movies on their platform, as well as TV shows, but, this one will not cost you anything upfront.
  4. Sling TV-this streaming service offers a 7-day free trial. I have not yet tried this service, but, I have heard it is a great one to have.

Now, most of these can be streamed on a SmartTV, or a gaming system, like the XBOX, PlayStation, or even the Wii. Hulu is no longer available for the original Wii system though, I found that out the hard way. There are also BluRay players that offer Netflix and Vudu, or you can go with a Roku in order to access the streaming content.

The only thing I will miss is the local channels, especially for the news in the mornings. But, I can also stream those on my phone or my tablet. There are options out there for every lifestyle and every budget. So, while we may be cutting the TV cord for the summer at least, we will be keeping internet access, and perhaps picking cable back up in the Fall, just in time for Football Season. For an even more comprehensive look at options, check this out.


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