If you're feeling like a daredevil, then maybe you should take a trip up to Minneapolis and try the most insane food Minnesota has to offer!

I present to you...

The Hot Wing Challenge at The Pourhouse!

At first glance, this isn't as crazy as I was hoping it would be. I was thinking our most crazy food would be a giant hotdish or something that you have to eat in 15 minutes.

Nope! We have the Hot Wing Challenge! According to Only in Your State, you need to eat 12 hot wings coated in ghost pepper sauce and you win a keychain and cover-free admission at The Pourhouse for life! Ok, this just got a lot more interesting.

Here's the funny part though, Only in Your State says you have to eat 12 wings, but on The Pourhouse menu, it says you need to eat 10 wings in 10 minutes! Interesting... maybe they officially decide how many wings you have to eat when you walk in the door. "Oh yeah, this chick looks like she could eat 12. Let's do 12 for fun and see what happens!"

Either way, any amount of wings with ghost pepper sauce are too many wings with ghost pepper sauce in my opinion! But if you're feeling up to the challenge and you're in the Twin Cities area, go check out the most insane food in Minnesota!




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