Sunday we had our company "Christmas in June Party" at CHS Field in St. Paul's lowertown area. The new stadium just opened this year and I had never been to a Saints game before.

A number of people from KDHL, Power 96, KRFO and Kat Kountry 105 stations in Faribault and Owatonna came up in a van. As I live in the Cities, I was originally going to take the light rail since it stops a half a block from the stadium. But some family issues made it so I had to drive. But if you get the chance the light rail would be a good experience. We found a parking spot about a block away for $7. I was impressed as to how the stadium was set up. Easy access to concessions, rest rooms and first aid. I think they really had the fans' needs in mind.

There are lots of on-field antics during the game, and the announcers keep you entertained. We were given a picnic lunch and that was very good. Unfortunately the Saints lost to South Dakota, 6-2. And we left early when it rained in the sixth inning and there was a rain delay. But all in all it was a great time.

By the way, the Northfield Raiders will face Moundsview at 10AM at CHS Field on Thursday morning in the state baseball tournament. Coverage starts at 9:45AM on KDHL and kdhlradio.com.

My co-worker John Conner got to have his picture taken with actor Bill Murray, who is an owner of the Saints.

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