We just had a ton of proms in Southeast Minnesota and although the photos are gorgeous, I know many of those dresses will NEVER be worn again.  But they could!  In fact, you could throw on that prom dress, an old bridesmaid dress, a formal gown, or even a bridal gown that you'd like to get rid of and wear it to a pretty popular spot on Saturday, May 13th.

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I know you might feel silly for a moment but I promise, once you see the thousands of others doing the same thing, you'll know you found your people.

Thousands Getting Super Fancy on Saturday in Minnesota For a Great Cause

Right now in my closet, I have 3 fancy outfits that I could wear on Saturday.  One is my wedding dress, which probably still fits.  The other outfits...not sure I can still breathe in those when they are zipped or not.  If you've got a fancy outfit that you no longer need, (or you have a s/o or friend that would let you wear one), throw it on Saturday, May 13th, and wear it to the Saint Paul Saints game in Minnesota.  But, here's one very, very important thing to remember, BRING CLOTHES WITH YOU TO CHANGE INTO!  Here's why...


This Saturday, we’re partnering with Project Fairy Godmothers and asking fans to come in a new or gently used formal dress to be donated for students attending schools in the Twin Cities.
Don’t forget an extra change of clothes 😉 - St. Paul Saints Baseball Facebook Page

According to the video that was posted by the St. Paul Saints on Facebook, a huge group photo is going to be taken on the field after the game.  Then, you'll need to change into the clothes that you brought so the dress you wore to the park can be donated to Project Fairy Godmothers.

You'll enjoy a fun game of baseball in a fancy dress and you'll feel amazing after because you'll know that the dress you wore will allow someone in Minnesota a chance to have fun at a dance.  Before you throw on that dress though, you'll need to grab a ticket to the St. Paul Saints game here.

Can ANYONE Wear a Dress to the St. Paul Saints Game on Saturday?

If you are wondering if guys will be wearing dresses, I think the video above shows you that answer.


Can you bring the dresses to CHS Field before the game?

One question was asked in the thread on Facebook that I thought would be great to mention because I know no everyone can make it to the game on Saturday.  Someone asked if you could just drop the dresses off at CHS field instead of coming to the game.  The answer is YES!  You can bring them to the box office.

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