If you are on the middle of the lake in northern Minnesota, and just finished up your ice fishing for the day. You can enjoy some beverages without headed back all the way to the mainland with his amazing bar!

It is called Hillbillies Ice Hole, a tavern right on Lake Lida near Pelican Rapids in Otter Tail County. It sits right on the lake. Yes, literally a bar on a lake in the middle of winter What could be better?

Oh, there are even holes in the ice for fishing at the bar!

Whoever came up with this concept is a genius. Those who shack on the ice for a few days while fishing, never leaving the lake, would walk/ride quite a ways to go to a bar on the ice. This isn't your traditional ice bar. This is a bar that sits right on the ice and provides a service to ice fishermen like nobody else can.

In the offseason, the bar is split into two, and stored on land in the offseason. You will have to travel to the north while it is still cold, but it won't sit out there all year.

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