It's becoming more and more difficult for parents to spot illegal substances in the home. In a recent article in the Star Tribune candy-like gummies laced with THC (the active drug in marijuana) are beginning to show up right in our area! It is the latest controversy over marijuana products that are legal in some states but not in others.

There were recently two arrests of men in the Lakeville area for having a large amount of gummies containing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Arrested in Lakeville were 23 year old Austin Hagen and 28-year-old Brian D. Hiltner.

Hagen was stopped by a police officer Friday for an equipment violation and caught a whiff of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The officer’s search turned up eight plastic bins containing more than 99 pounds of gummies laced with concentrated THC. Street value for these gummies is roughly 400-500 per pound, which puts the value of those drugs at around $50,000.

Hiltner was pulled over by law enforcement last Wednesday near a home that officers were about to search. In his vehicle, police seized 14 gallon-sized plastic bags holding gummies containing THC and nine sealed bags of marijuana.

One thing parents can do to vet for THC gummies is look for the packaging that it came it. The packaging will state if the product contains THC or not.

It's crazy how parents need a continued education on what to be looking for in terms of illegal drugs.

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