Turnouts at the Republican and Democratic Faribault caucuses were light Tuesday night.  About 50 people attended the D-F-L Caucus at the Middle School and between 40 and 50 were at Faribault High School for the GOP event.

A far cry from the hundreds that turned out during last year's caucuses because of the presidential election.  Republican Faribault State Representavie Brian Daniels said he was not discouraged by the numbers, saying it was probably typical of a non-presidential year.

The highlight of the evening was supposed to be the gubernatorial preference ballot.

39 people cast votes at Faribault High School for their GOP gubernatorial preference and there was a tie.

  • 13 votes for Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson and 13 votes for Phillip Parrish of rural Kenyon.
  • 9 votes for Keith Downey (former State GOP Chair)
  • 4 votes went to Mary Giuliani Stephens (Woodbury Mayor)

Nobody listed themselves as undecided.

Others running for the GOP candidacy include:

  • Ole Savior of Minneapolis
  • Jeffrey Ryan Wharton of Redwood Falls
  • Bob Carney Jr. of Minneapolis
  • Lance Johnson of Woodbury

At the Faribault Middle School 46 individuals took part in the voting with:

  • 25 votes going to Tim Walz of Mankato (current Mn. 1st District Congressman)
  • 9 uncommitted
  • 6 for Paul Thissen of Minneapolis former Minnesota House Speaker
  • 4 for Rebecca Otto of Marine on St. Croix (three-term State Auditor)
  • 1 each for Tina Liebling of Rochester (Mn. Representative) and Chris Coleman (three-term Mayor of St. Paul.)

Others running include:

  • Erin Murphy State Representative from St. Paul
  • Captain Jack Sparrow of Minneapolis
DFL Caucus at Faribault Middle School February 6, 2018. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld
DFL Caucus at Faribault Middle School February 6, 2018. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld


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