Late this morning I stopped in at the studio before I headed out to the farm. Rice County Fair Manager John Dvorak had called and asked if we could announce that the carnival Gold Star Amusements will be at the Rice County Fair starting Tuesday. Apparently the Faribault County Fair in Blue Earth had their carnival cancel for their fair this summer. Many people had heard that on the news and assumed the fair in Faribault will not have a carnival this year.

Before I went out to the farm I stopped by the Rice County fairgrounds. As you can see from the pictures, some of the rides have already arrived in Faribault! John said he had heard the carnival scheduled to be in Blue Earth at the Faribault County fair had canceled out at a number of county fairs. While there is a lot more at a county fair than a carnival, it is not quite the same without the rides either. However, there will be a carnival at the Rice County Fair!

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