There's a really cool campground in Southern Minnesota, in Waterville, that's so big it's like its own small town! It's called Kamp Dels, maybe you've heard of it. It's a very popular campground for families!

The first thing I'm sure you're wondering is if they're even open this summer. The answer is yes! They'll be opening up for overnight campers starting Monday, June 1st with restrictions and "extra sanitation measures and distancing procedures." Some of these restrictions include your group must be less than 10 and playgrounds, pools, showers, and laundry facilities will be closed. You can find more information HERE.

If you've never been to or see anything about Kamp Dels, this place is MASSIVE with so many activities! There's a water park, a petting zoo, tons of water activities, mini-golf, tennis, a climbing wall, a driving range, and playgrounds just to name a few. They also have a snack shack for all of your snacking needs. There's even a trolley to take you from one side of the camp to another. That's how big this place is!

As for overnight camping, there are multiple options depending on what best suits you and your family's needs. There are stops for tenting, for campers, and there are cabins if you don't want to haul all of the camping stuff. There are spots with electrical hookups and seasonal camping too.

If you aren't already convinced that this place is like a small town, check out this map and you'll see what I mean!

Credit: Kamp Dels
Credit: Kamp Dels

This place is huge! There are so many things to do and tons of campsites. I've never been to Kamp Dels but it looks like such a fun place to go with friends and family.

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