Today marked the final broadcast from Becky Noble, former Executive Director of the Blooming Prairie Chamber of Commerce, on AM 1390 KRFO. Becky had been bringing you the Blooming Prairie News each morning, Monday through Friday, for 17 years. In her sign-off, Becky shared some stories, gave thanks, and left listeners with a positive message.

Noble got her start on AM 1390 KRFO in 2004, after Darrell Hansen told her that "someone was needed for the Blooming Prairie News on KRFO." It was a role and on-air position that fit perfectly as Becky was the Executive Director of the Chamber.

Becky would read to listeners the happenings and events coming up in town, funeral notifications were read, and she always was quick with a mention of several Blooming Prairie businesses that were having specials or events too.

It was a role in which Noble took pride in, taking it with her on vacations, and trips. When Becky's daughter would drop off her granddaughter early on, it wasn't uncommon to hear her crying, almost as if she knew grandma was on the air.

We wish Becky nothing but the best in her retirement from delivering the news from Blooming Prairie. We will miss the off-air conversations, and what you brought to our station for over 17 years. Thank you, Becky.

If you missed Becky's sign-off, here is what she had to say.

Starting on March 1st, Emily Glaser, the new Executive Director at the Blooming Prairie Chamber of Commerce will be bringing you the Blooming Prairie News at the same time you've grown accustomed to hearing it, right around 8:15 each morning.

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