Anthony Edwards was so mesmerized by the reporter's accent he didn't hear the question.

While the Minnesota Timberwolves struggle to find a winning streak this season, one player is keeping the Wolves in the spotlight for the right reasons. Number 1 draft pick Anthony Edwards is a star both on and off the court, and his recent antics in a pre-game interview have earned him a nomination as one of the funniest players in the league.

During an interview before the Wolves' game against the Bucs, Edwards was asked a question that he didn't seem to hear, mesmerized instead by the reporter's foreign accent.

"Where you from, Jim?" the star asks instead.

"Ireland," the reporter answers back.

“I like your accent," Edwards grins. "I want to learn how to talk like that. But, ask your question again. I was too much listening to your accent.”

“Yeah, no problem," the reporter responds graciously.

A clip of the Timberwolves rookie was posted on social media earlier this week and has since gone viral.

SB Nation has called Edwards "the MVP of the post-game interview," though the interview is hardly the 19-year old's only shining moment. In another interview in early February, he was caught with a bag of Popeyes at his feet.

"I had to get Popeyes after the game," he laughed when asked about it.

While we may not have much to look forward to from the Wolves this season, it looks like Anthony Edwards will be keeping us entertained, anyways.

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