Not only did this massive snowstorm drop a lot of snow, but it dropped snow that got super heavy when it was compacted. There were pieces that I was picking up and tossing into our yard because it was just too much to shovel. And there's a 6-year-old in Lake City, Minnesota who felt the pain of shoveling first-hand in this hilarious video.

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I'm pretty sure my husband and I were out clearing snow for about an hour yesterday and the stuff at the end of the driveway was especially brutal. We were getting sweaty and tired and were super happy when it was done.

Grzegorz Kieca
Grzegorz Kieca

This 6-year-old can relate because, according to her mom, she's "stubborn and really wanted to shovel." Pretty soon though, this little girl realized how heavy this snow was which is where the video comes in that her mom, Candace, shared on her Instagram.

Her mom was watching her out the window. Her daughter is trying to push a shovel that looks to be twice her size under the massive amount of snow. The shovel isn't really going anywhere and then she has the most dramatic reaction.

I feel you, girl. I'm pretty sure there were plenty of times that I did this when I was a kid trying to shovel, too. I'd flop over in the snowbank and take a break.

I read that the girl's dad did come out and help her finish the job with the snowblower but she had to help him push. So cute, I love that stubbornness!

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