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You betcha we have an accent here in Minnesota, right? But just how sexy is our accent compared to other accents in the world?

We may not always like to admit it, but we DO have an accent here in Minnesota, right? I mean, it's not as completely over the top as the accent the Cohen brothers used in the movie, Fargo, which was set here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, but we still do have a sometimes-unique accent and way of speaking.

From saying "ope!" when we bump into someone or the occasional "You betcha!" that finds it way into our patterns of speech, yah, sure, there's a definite Minnesota accent, don'tcha know!

And, as I always point out, a Midwest accent is the most standard accent (or lack thereof) in broadcasting and the voiceover industry-- most national commercials and national broadcasters sound similar to our way of speaking here in Minnesota.

But just how sexy is it compared to other accents? A Big7 Travel survey listed the 50 Sexiest Accents in the World, and guess what? Yeah, we didn't make the list. New Zealand came in first (it's kind of like an Australian accent, but is a little different), followed by South African, Irish, Italian, and the aforementioned Australian accent.

But check this out: In at #13 on the Sexiest Accents list is... the Canadian accent! Woo hoo! You know what that means, right? Outside of all those "oot" and "aboots" our neighbors to the north sometimes use, why, a Canadian accent is practically a Minnesotan accent, isn't it?

So, yah, you betcha-- here's to being juuussst a bit outside the top 10 when it comes to sexy accents. Oh, fer cute!

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