Can wearing eyeglasses really reduce your chances of contracting COVID-19? According to a recent medical research study, just like wearing a mask, wearing eyeglasses can offer added protection and thus reduce your chances of contracting the virus.

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This study was conducted on hospital patients in India.  Details released stated  "researchers....[found] that those who wear glasses at least eight hours during the day are less likely to contract the novel disease because they touch their eyes less frequently than those who do not wear glasses".

This only makes sense since we've been told over and over to not only wash our hands often but to also avoid touching our mouths, nose and eyes. Like wearing a mask, eyeglasses could block airborne particles.

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Glasses, of course are not totally the answer when it comes to prevention but it's worth investigating further. Anything helps, right?  It certainly is worth a second look.

"This present study showed that the risk of COVID-19 was 2 to 3 times less in spectacles-wearing population than the population no using spectacles.  [The] protective role of the spectacles was found statistically significant if those were used for [a] long period of the day....more than eight hours."

This study out of India mirrors a similar study done in China last September. The China study also found reason to believe that eyeglasses could reduce the chance of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Better safe than sorry.  Maybe, lose the contacts and wear your glasses, wear a mask and wash your hands often.

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