As part of the "Roll Up Your Sleeves" campaign, Governor Walz wants to get vaccinations out to some targeted Minnesotans.  This campaign is an effort to get people in some targeted industries to sign up for Minnesota's Vaccine Connector tool.

Photo Credit: Cami Hanssen
Photo Credit: Cami Hanssen

Walz's first target is food service workers of Minnesota. Walz said Minnesota has partnered up with industry leaders, employers, etc. to get the word out on getting vaccinates to food service workers and other critical industries.

Walz is concentrating his first efforts on food service workers because of their constant physical contact with people on a daily basis, elevating the chances of spread of COVID-19.  "Every worker is essential" Walz said, but getting professions like food service workers vaccinated is an important step in stopping the spread.

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DEED Commissioner Steve Grove says that vaccinations are not only for the food service people but also for the safety of customers. He said people should feel safer patronizing restaurants where employees are vaccinated against COVID.

A number of food service leaders in Minnesota are offering monetary incentives to employees to get themselves vaccinated and are even holding some employee vaccination events.

Walz was recently asked if the state would set benchmarks for a full reopening.  He replied that we are getting closer to that point. Large gatherings like sporting events and live music will give us a clearer picture of Minnesota's current situation.

It sure would be great if everyone that is able gets vaccinated and we can get to that herd immunity point. The sooner that happens, the sooner we can start enjoying get togethers like sporting events and concerts.

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