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We aren't seeing any tulips popping up through the snow yet in Minnesota but we do have another sign that spring is just around the corner.  LOTS of people have seen it already.  You've probably heard it too.

Growing up, my family always told me that winter would be over soon whenever the first robin showed up.  Well, get out your tank tops and shorts because robins have been spotted in Minnesota!  Now would be the perfect time to fill up those bird feeders and grab your binoculars.

If you see a robin in your yard or happen to see one while driving, you can help track the migration and put your robin sighting in a website that is helping log the migration.  All the info can be found here.  According to that site, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Batavia, Illinois have been a few hot spots for our popular winged friend too.

Photo by Jerome on Unsplash
Photo by Jerome on Unsplash

Here's a fun fact that you may not have known:  Not all robins leave the frigid state of Minnesota for the winter.  According to journeynorth.org, as long as there is food, a robin can stay in our area during the winter and survive.  Obviously in the winter, our ground is frozen so they are unable to get any worms, but they do feast on berries also.

Have you had a robin sighting yet?  Let me know on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or on Instagram.

Now that it is warming up a bit, it is time to wipe the snow off of our grills and throw some burgers on!  ⚠️WARNING⚠️  Before you fire up that grill, look through the list of foods below that are dangerous for your dog to eat.

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