Saturday morning there was a big crowd at the annual 4-H Livestock Auction. This is the major fundraiser for the Rice County 4-H along with the 4-H Food and Malt stand at the Rice County Fair. Because of these three fundraisers, the Rice County 4-H does not have to go out into the community during the year selling all kinds of things. Given how hot it was and light crowds I suspect revenue was down at the Food and Malt Stand. However, the money raised at the 4-H Livestock Auction was up from recent years.

Kelly Chadwick, the Rice County 4-H coordinator, told me late Saturday that they did not have the final numbers all added up from the auction yet. However she was sure it was over $40,000! In some counties, all of the premium goes to the 4-H member with the animal in the auction. In Rice County, a predetermined amount goes to the 4-H member with the livestock and the rest goes to the 4-H Foundation. That money benefits all 4-H members. It is used for leadership camps, State Fair trips and other activities.

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