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Talk about your feel-good story: A family over in Wisconsin was just reunited with their lost dog after they saw the dog on TV!

Like I am, if you're a pet lover, this is one story that definitely has an amazingly happy ending: A family ends up reunited with their lost dog after their dad saw the dog on TV!

The incredible reunion just took place over in my home state of Wisconsin, in Milwaukee (which is a little less than 4 hours east of Rochester) where Payday the dog finally got back with his (or maybe hers? I can't tell by the name if Payday is a male or female) long-last family... after being on his own for the past two years!

Yikes! The Wisconsin Humane Society recently revealed a few more details about the incredible reunion in a post on their Facebook page. They said that Payday's owner, Dwight, and his then-12-year-old daughter were still broken up over the fact that they'd lost Payday back in 2019. The post didn't say HOW Dwight and his family lost Payday, but it did say that she'd been missing now for over two years.

But earlier this week, Dwight just happened to be watching Milwaukee TV station Fox 6, who happened to be doing a Pet of the Week-type segment with the Humane Society of Wisconsin. And the dog they featured that morning was none other than the long-lost Payday!

Dwight immediately called the TV station-- while the segment was still airing-- who then called the Wisconsin Humane Society, who set up the emotional reunion, when Dwight's mom stopped by to take Payday home. You have to check out the video below of Payday seeing her family again after being lost for the past two years-- she's a LITTLE excited!

I love pet stories with a happy ending, don't you? Speaking of pets, we just adopted a new dog (Juniper) earlier this summer from a rescue in Colorado. She joins our other dog (Asher), who we adopted from Paws & Claws Humane Society here in Rochester. If you're looking to add to your family, keep scrolling to check out the most popular breeds of dogs that are great for families!

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