There's a Minnesota animal rescue that broke the internet with their live 24-hour kitten cam. It's the cutest thing you'll see all day!

The camera was set up in one of the rescue's cat rooms that has a litter of 2-month-old kittens in it right now. Their names are Orion, Pegasus, Leo, Daphnis, Perseus, and Cassiopeia and they're the more adorable little nuggets.

Minnesota Animal Humane Society via Youtube
Minnesota Animal Humane Society via Youtube

It's live 24 hours a day but you can go back in time as far as 12 hours if you'd like. The issue is that the camera kind of broke everything.

Minnesota Kitten Cam Broke the Internet

This 24-hour live camera was put up by the Minnesota Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. I'm not sure when they officially launched the live cam but they shared the link to it on their Facebook page over the weekend.

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Well... I tried to check it out and so did everyone else apparently because we broke the humane society's website. At least the link to the live video, because I kept getting an error code! It's all good now as I'm writing this so hopefully we don't break it again.

Minnesota Animal Humane Society is Currently Closed

Unfortunately, right now all three of the Minnesota Animal Humane Society locations are closed due to canine influenza. I'm not sure if that's why they set up the camera, because their locations are closed, but either way, I'm here for it.

These adorable kittens will be available for adoption once the humane society reopens.

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