Tuesday morning John Dvorak the Rice County Fair manager will be on KDHL's AM Minnesota program for our monthly Fair Talk. At this point, many of the plans have been finalized like carnival, grandstand events, food vendors and much of the free entertainment. However, John and other fair board members are always on the lookout for new entertainment or maybe another food vendor that has something new on a stick.

The other day I drove through the Rice County Fairgrounds and everything looked really nice already. I am sure there are always buildings or fences to be painted, but it looked really nice as the grass was greening up. We are fortunate in Rice County that the county commissioners help support the fair. There are a lot of buildings that need to be maintained. But, it also takes a lot of support from Rice County businesses sponsoring events during the fair plus a lot of volunteers. It is always fun talking about the Rice County Fair with John. I hope you can tune in Tuesday morning at 9:30.

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