My guest on today's AM Minnesota Program will be Dave who owns Switz Landscaping and Lawn Care. Dave said he has been getting many questions about trees and shrubs given the unusual weather this year. Remember how cold it was in April with all the snow? April did not seem to affect lawns but it sure had an impact on evergreen trees and shrubs. In the picture is some trees that were hit with winter burn.

Mine at home got hit too but they are slowly greening up again. Maybe they will not have to be replaced? The general rule is if half the needles are still green the shrub will likely recover. All you can do is make sure they have plenty of water and see if they recover. With the unusual weather many other questions come to mind, should you delay trimming, did the sever April affect perennials? It should be a very informative AM Minnesota at 9:30 this morning!

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