John Dvorak the Rice County Fair manager will be stopping by KDHL studios this morning for our monthly Rice County Fair Talk on KSHL's AM Minnesota Program. Right now the Rice County Fairgrounds is buried in snow but before you know it the Rice County Fair will be here! In fact a lot of planning and organizing is done by the volunteers on the Rice County Fair Board during the winter.

Last month when John was on KDHL's AM Minnesota program he mentioned that they were still looking for a grandstand event for one night at the fair. The Fair Board was also considering a major change to the Rice County Fair Queen program. Instead of a Rice County Fair Queen they were considering a change to the Rice County Fair Ambassador.

That would mean young men and women would be able to be involved in representing and promoting the Rice County Fair. Let the Rice County Board know what you thing of having a Rice County Ambassador program instead of a Rice County Fair Queen!




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