October is Pork Month and that will be the topic on today's AM Minnesota Program. My guest will be Dave Preisler Executive Director of the Minnesota Pork Producers. October is a month set aside to recognize the Pork Industry in Minnesota and the United States. The Pork Industry means more to citizens than a wholesome nutritious supply of pork products. It also means a lot to our economy, especially in rural areas.

With the evolution to larger pork systems today, a lot of good high paying jobs and careers with fringe benefits are provided! A number of individual pork producers own the system and a lot of employees are needed to care for the pigs. It seems like there is a lot of optimism in the Pork Industry with African Swine Fever in China. Estimates are that China has lost 40 percent of their pigs to the disease. U.S. pork producers are ready to fill some of the void in China!

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