October is Pork Month and that will be the topic on today's AM Minnesota Program. My guest will be Dave Preisler Chief Executive Officer of the Minnesota Pork Producers Association. This is a very tough time for Pork Producers with the trade war with China, Mexico and Canada. We export a lot of Pork to those countries so the tariffs have had a huge impact on hog prices. The last month or two there have been very large losses suffered by Pork Producers.

When I was talking with Dave about being on AM Minnesota he mentioned a study that was just completed on the economic impact of the Pork construction industry in Minnesota. Remember all the news reports about the economic impact and jobs created when the U S Bank Stadium was being built in Downtown Minneapolis? The economic impact and jobs created building hog buildings every year in Minnesota is the same as building 2 U S Bank Stadiums! We will get more details this morning at 9:30.

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