Today I will be filling in for Gordy on KDHL's AM Minnesota program. Gordy is a vacation in Texas celebrating his aunt's birthday. It was nice to see Gordy have a little time off between the winter and spring sports season! The topic on today's AM Minnesota program will be the Faribault High School Spring Musical. At least that is what is on the schedule!

The Faribault High School Spring Musical will be the Addams Family. I remember watching and enjoying the Addams Family show when I was growing up. It was broadcast on one of the 3 channels we could get on the antenna at the farm!

Gordy did not tell me and it is not in his notes on the AM Minnesota schedule but I assume a number of students will be stopping by KDHL studios. So, it should be a fun program today!

Joining Jerry on-air today was Emma Paquette, Oscar Quintero, and Cody Busitzky.

Image Credit: Jerry G/TSM
Image Credit: Jerry G/TSM

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