For a number of years I have hosted KDHL's AM Minnesota program from Pork Congress. There is always something new and interesting at Pork Congress. This year it was the Biosecure Entry Education Trailer, or BEET Trailer. The BEET Trailer was developed after the highly pathogenic avian Influenza outbreak that hit Minnesota's turkey industry. Even though livestock producers knew biosecurity was important, it was determined that it could be improved.

Using some of the Rapid Response money, the BEET Trailer was developed and staffed by the University of Minnesota Extension Service. The BEET Trailer can be taken out to a farm to train livestock producers and employees about biosecurity on their unique operation. The plan is to find any lapses in a farm's biosecurity protocol and correct them before a disease is introduced. On my right is Abby Neu, who is a poultry specialist with the University of Minnesota Extension Service, and on the left Sarah Schieek, who is a swine specialist.

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