Not that many of us are flying these days, but here's a head's up that one airline is changing the terminal it calls home at the Minneapolis airport.

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has REALLY put the breaks on pretty much ANY travel we've had planned for most of the months of March, April and into May-- if not longer. (My wife and I were lucky in that the outbreak hadn't really hit yet in late February when we went down to New Orleans for a few days-- and lucky in that we didn't contract the coronavirus either!)

But in case you ARE traveling soon-- or, certainly, when things get back to normal in Minnesota later this spring and summer-- here's a head's up about how one airline that provides service to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is changing terminals.

According to THIS release from MSP, Frontier Airlines is changing from being located in Terminal One (the Lindbergh Terminal) to the smaller Terminal Two (the Humphrey Terminal) as of Wednesday, April 15th.

The airport noted that the first flight to use the new Terminal Two location will be a flight arriving from Denver the next day, on Thursday, April 16th. Now, if you happen to be flying Frontier before April 15th but coming back AFTER the 15th, you'll leave out of Terminal One but fly back into Terminal Two, which could cause some confusion.

It noted Frontier has been flying out of MSP's Terminal One since 1995, but didn't really give any reason on why the move was happening. It kind of makes sense, though, seeing as Frontier is a smaller carrier, and Terminal Two is the smaller of the two terminals. You can read more about the move HERE.

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