It's that time of the week where we feature the adoptable animal of the week. Before we get to this week's animal, I've got to say again, how awesome it has been to see so many of the animals we have featured be adopted. Still remaining from 2021 is Archer the dog, Alma the dog, and Midnight the cat.

This week we are featuring another feline after two weeks of dogs, meet Tut the cat! Tut according to our friend Michaela Tews who volunteers at the Mower County Humane Society, is a "rescue from the Austin City Pound in 2015 when his time there was considered up."

Image Credit: Michaela Tews
Image Credit: Michaela Tews

Tut is considered to be an 'oriental cross' according to Mower County Humane Society’s Vet. What's an 'oriental cross'? According to Hills Pet Food, "The Oriental is a cat of extremes with a long head, tall ears, and long, slender legs." Hills Pet Food adds that "The Oriental cat is not only beautiful but also is highly intelligent. She can be trained to walk on a lead. This does not mean, however, that she can be trained to do everything you might wish. Like most other highly intelligent breeds, the Oriental has her own desires. The Oriental is an affectionate cat and requires her parent to be as dedicated to her as she is to her parent. The parent must be affectionate to the Oriental and must spend some time spent playing with her."

Tut has been at the shelter for 6 years, and he deserves to be at the home of his own to spend his golden years with owners who will play with him and stimulate his cat desires. Michaela tells us that Tut "is one of the sweetest felines who is excellent with other cats and considerate of children."

Tut is around "6 - 7 years old" If you would like to adopt Tut, or schedule an appointment to meet him, you'll have to start by filling out an application and be approved. You can start the application process here, Tut is available for just $50.

** A reminder that the Mower County Humane Society is still closed to the public and you'll have to make an appointment to see an animal, you can head to their website here for the particulars.

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