This week's adoptable animal comes from Mending Spirits Animal Rescue and features a shy, reserved cat named Minnie. Minnie is one of the residents that has been in the care of Mending Spirits for about a year, and she is looking to take that next step to her forever home. If you are looking for a serious companion, who when you offer her patience and love, will reward you with unlimited amounts of affection, Minnie is the pet for you.

Image Credit: Michaela Tews
Image Credit: Michaela Tews

With more on Minnie's story, we turn to our friend Michaela Tews.

This adorable girl is Minnie! She is an introverted little one and likes to keep to herself often. She likes to have that independence and control in her environment so she feels comfortable. She’s not always in hiding, if you listen closely you can hear her speak her thoughts aloud and proud from another room when she’s alone and feels safe. She may not like to leave a place that makes her feel protected, but when she does she loves to play with her toys and take a couple of laps around the home to get her energy out. She’s no stranger to receiving pets and attention from humans it just takes her longer than most to build up the confidence to approach them for those things. Minnie needs to be given her own space so that she’s able to fully relax and show her adorable personality on her own time. Minnie is hoping to find a quiet home that can give her all the space and love she deserves.

From the foster family: Minnie is a fantastic kitty who keeps a well-mannered and reserved composure in the home. She's lady-like actually with a delicate soul who is also so gentle and tender. In the very beginning, I graced her with patience and understanding then suddenly, she started to open up and would come out of hiding for attention and loads of treats. Now that we’ve had the time to get to know each other, I get to see her cute face every day and listen to her purr as she walks back and forth around me to ask for pets. One super cute thing she does when you pet her is she sticks her little tongue out. I’ve also come to find out she is very playful and loves to play with string toys and balls she can chase around. Because of her struggle with socializing I’m not sure how she does around children and other cats or dogs, but I know she’ll need time and patience to adjust no matter what home she’s in.

If Minnie sounds like the pet for you, get more information about adopting her by visiting the Mending Spirits website, here.

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